Man found fatally shot in school parking lot

HOUSTON The victim was found at Olle Middle School in Alief. The unidentified man was found shot to death inside his pickup truck.

"They had it blocked off to where we couldn't even come out front and see anything," said one student with whom we spoke.

The scene was cleared by the time school let out Friday afternoon. Students who arrived at Ollie Friday morning were kept away from the crime scene and re-routed to the back of the school as police launched their investigation.

"We're not going to speculate if robbery is the motive at this time, but we can say the keys to the truck are gone," said Officer Jonathan French with the Houston Police Department.

Authorities say two Alief ISD employees found the victim slumped in the driver's side with his his seatbelt still on. He appeared to be in his mid 40s and looked as though he'd been dressed for work with his lunch packed.

Parents were stunned to see their kids' school become a crime scene.

"It's a big concern with me because I have a kid that goes to school also and this is, like, unbelievable to me."

While classes went on as if nothing happened, it's a day middle school students there won't soon forget.

Investigators believe they know who the victim is, but right now they are not releasing his name. An autopsy is scheduled for this weekend.

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