Search underway for woman missing since 2006

BROOKSHIRE, TX It is an emotional day for the family of Senovia Medina as they visit the Texas Equusearch volunteers searching for her body. The pain of losing her more than five years ago has never diminished.

"She's not gone," said Sevonia's brother Angelo Medina. "She lives in my heart."

Sevonia was 37 when she vanished in January 2006. Every day her family has prayed for her body to be found. Houston police believe she was shot to death and dumped in the woods by her then-boyfriend Miguel Martinez, the only suspect in her murder.

Angelo said, "It's very important for me to be in this place, because they say it's the place where my sister and the little baby were dumped after he killed her. It's very important to me to be in this site, and I hope my sister and the little baby is here."

Detectives say Martinez told them he killed her, wrapped her body in trash bags, and left her there. Sevonia was three months pregnant. Her sisters say she was excited.

Sevonia's sister Imelinda Medina said, "She had just a few days left before they could tell her the sex of the baby."

"She was a very good person, very good to everyone," said Rosa Amelia Medina, another of Sevonia's sisters. "As a sister, she was very caring. She would starve herself to give to someone who asked her for help."

The siblings say their prayers will be answered -- both for Sevonia's body to be found and for justice to be served.

"She will have justice, here on Earth, and also in heaven, from God," said Rosa.

Martinez is being held in the Harris County Jail on $500,000 bond on a weapons possession charge, not for this murder. However, investigators in this case say they do expect charges to be brought against him for the murder.

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