Extra crews search landfill for woman's body

HOUSTON The woman was reported missing more than a week ago. Her husband is now sitting in jail. He used to work at the landfill which is located between the towns of Security and Cut and Shoot.

More search crews and equipment have been brought in as police narrowed the search field at the landfill. We're told they're going nearly piece by piece through the trash as they search for the remains of Martha Jimenez, 44. Police believe she may have been dumped there by her husband.

Conroe police and crews from Texas Equusearch combing through the Security Landfill, where, according to Texas Equusearch, Martha's husband worked as a bulldozer operator.

Police say the mother was reported missing 11 days ago after leaving her job at a convenience store in Conroe and never returning home. Officers have been searching the landfill since Monday.

Police say Martha's husband, Luis Jimenez, 54, has been arrested. Authorities say information led them to believe there may have been foul play. Police add there was an unauthorized entry into the landfill Sunday morning and they believe it could have been Luis.

"We're wanting to move at a little faster pace today," explained Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch. "That's why we brought in more manpower and equipment. We know that time isn't on our side, so the quicker that she's found, the quicker they'll be able to determine the cause of death, hopefully, and move the investigation forward."

Luis Jimenez remains in the Montgomery County Jail. He's charged with tampering with evidence.

Texas Equusearch told us crews hope to recover Martha's body and give the family closure before the Easter holiday.

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