Coach resigns amid allegations of inappropriate relationship

March 7, 2011 3:17:41 PM PST
Dane Hayton, a coach from Travis High School in Richmond, has resigned. His resignation comes just hours after it was announced he was being put on leave as the district investigated claims he was having a relationship with a student. The news spread rather quickly through Travis HS on Monday. Late in the day, we were told that Coach Hayton is no longer with Fort Bend ISD.

As a junior varsity boys' basketball coach at Travis High School, Hayton was popular with the students.

One student said, "He's nice. He's real cool, Coach Hayton. Everyone pretty much likes him."

Yet after five years, Hayton abruptly resigned from Travis and Fort Bend ISD after district administrators placed him on administrative leave. They're investigating an allegation that Coach Hayton had an inappropriate relationship with a student. Concerned parents were stunned when they found out.

"This school is where our kids go to school," said parent Mar Hollis. "They are supposed to be watched over and taken care of and taught."

"When I send my child to school, I'm hoping that he's safe and that the teachers are good role models," said Vicki, a parent of a student at the school.

District officials say the investigation will continue, despite Hayton's resignation. Right now, details of that alleged inappropriate relationship, and how long it may have been going on, are not being released.

Students we talked to say they deserve to know the truth.

"Why would he be working at a school when there's kids everywhere if he's interested in high school girls? That's not OK," said one student.

Travis HS posted the information on its website for parents and students. There's no word if Coach Hayton will face any criminal charges.