Judge Emmett delivers State of County address

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett delivered his State of County address on Friday.

March 4, 2011 4:42:38 PM PST
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett delivered his fourth State of the County address and tried to reassure the public that the county will remain strong and efficient.

Judge Emmett spoke about Harris County having to deal with transportation, health care and criminal justice. Emmett also addressed the county population which has surpassed four million. The biggest challenge facing the county is having to trim $138 million in spending.

"My office has at least a 10 percent cut, so I to have to look at it and say how am I gonna save that ten percent? But I think most of us have been waiting to get the final budget before we make those decisions," said Judge Emmett.

Commissioners court will vote on the budget on Tuesday. County officials warned budget the cuts could lead to hundreds of layoffs, furloughs, and delays in services.