Astronauts get to relax after 2 spacewalks

The second spacewalk is scheduled to last until around 4:15 pm.

March 3, 2011 4:47:58 AM PST
The astronauts in orbit at the International Space Station are will be getting a break. The two crews of the linked space shuttle and space station will get some precious time off Thursday afternoon. NASA officials say it's well deserved, following Wednesday's successful spacewalk.

Before relaxing, the astronauts will work on an air purifier aboard the space station.

Discovery will remain at the International Space Station until Sunday. That's a day longer than originally planned. Mission managers want the shuttle crew to help unload the newly installed storage unit. There's a possibility the astronauts may get yet another bonus day in orbit, which would stretch their mission to 13 days.

It's the final voyage for NASA's oldest shuttle.