One killed in a central Fresno neighbors' feud, two injured

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News has learned the suspect's name is Alvin Dalton and the shooting is the culmination of a longstanding feud between neighbors.

Handcuffed homicide suspect Alvin Dalton stepped into a Fresno police car just outside the scene of the crime and made his way toward the county jail.

Police say the 55-year-old shot three people and killed one of them, but even after the arrest, investigators stayed behind the crime scene tape, collecting information and evidence.

"We'll be canvassing the apartment complex to talk to the neighbors to try and figure out exactly what happened," said Lt. Burke Farrah.

Police took several witnesses away for in-depth interviews, while other neighbors say they took cover when they heard the shooting.

"I just heard like six gunshots right after each other, like 'boom boom boom boom', you know," said Natalie Miranda. "I ran back in the house. I wasn't trying to get in the middle of that."

But neighbors weren't surprised by the trouble. They say police responded to several previous calls from the same apartments because of a longstanding neighbors' feud.

"Just a month ago I was saying 'Hey, they're going back there so much if nothing's getting taken care of, somebody's going to get killed,'" said Maria Else.

In fact, Action News uncovered a temporary restraining order Dalton's girlfriend filed against the victim just one day before the shooting.

The woman asked for protection for herself and Dalton because of attacks with pepper spray, a hammer and a piece of a metal bed.

Police acknowledge they've responded to multiple calls from the apartments, but until the shooting, nobody had been charged with a crime.

They temporarily locked down nearby Pyle Elementary school while they searched for the suspect, who eventually gave up peacefully. Alvin Dalton is in police custody, facing murder charges.

We're not identifying the victim by name because police say they haven't notified her entire family yet. Her son and daughter were also injured in the shooting.

She's Fresno's sixth homicide victim of the year, but the fourth in the last ten days.

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