Three school buses involved in chain reaction wreck

Three school buses full of students were involved in an accident outside Killough Middle School

February 28, 2011 5:09:40 PM PST
Three school buses have been involved in an after-school wreck, but no children are believed to be seriously injured. According to Susan Castro with the Alief Independent School District, the buses were leaving Killough Middle School at about 4:20pm when the first bus in the line had to make a sudden stop. The third bus wasn't able to stop in time, striking the second bus in the line, and pushing it into the first bus.

HFD was called to the scene to check out the students. Each bus had 25 to 28 students on board. Castro says 10 students and the driver of the first bus have been taken to hospitals to be checked out. They're complaining of neck and back pain.

The accident was reportedly caused by a car in front of the first bus making a sudden stop. There's no word if anyone will be ticketed.