Wife arrested in husband's 1987 murder

HOUSTON Norma Jean Clark, the victim's wife, will be housed at the Harris County Jail once she is extradited back to Harris County. Authorities say a 23-year-old blood stain on Clark's clothes was the clue they needed to connect her to her husband's murder.

Back in 1987, in a secluded and seemingly quiet northwest Harris County neighborhood, Edmund Clark was murdered in cold blood -- shot twice, in the head and in the back. He was found dead in the master bedroom. The only person home with him at the time was his wife, Norma Jean Clark, who claimed to be asleep in another room.

"She heard some gunshots," said Sgt. Dean Holtke with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "She waited until everything was quiet, she left the residence and went to a neighbor's house where they called the police."

Even though sheriff's investigators believed Clark was involved, they weren't able to prove it, until all these years later. Thanks to today's advancements in forensic science, when authorities re-examined Clark's clothes, they found a microscopic blood stain that for 23 years went unnoticed.

Sgt. Holtke explained, "It puts her in proximity to the victim when he was shot and not in another part of the house, upstairs as she originally told the police."

Clark has been living in rural Tennessee all this time. She was arrested February 16 at her home in Belvedere and is awaiting extradition. Investigators say Edmund wanted to divorce his wife and planned to kick her out of the house the night he was murdered.

"She had told a neighbor a week prior, a friend of hers, that in her first divorce she didn't get anything out of it and she was going to be dammed if she'd let that happened to her again," Sgt. Holke said.

The extradition process could take a couple of weeks because Clark is fighting it. She has been living in Tennessee all this time. She never remarried and has two children. One lives not far from her in Georgia. Her son, however, lives just outside of Centerville, Texas. Investigators say Clark would often come back to Texas to visit him. Neither of her children would agree to be interviewed for this story.

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