Two injured in officer-involved shooting

Detectives say two people were shot during an officer-invovled shooting at a River Oaks-area pub overnight Saturday.

February 19, 2011 4:05:37 PM PST
Two men are in hospitals after police say they were shot by an off-duty Houston Police officer in River Oaks. Investigators say the officer had stepped in to stop a fight.

It happened around 2am Saturday, closing time at the Sherlock's Baker St. Pub and Grill off West Gray and McDuffie.

No one imagined the night would end like this.

"I heard gunshots so me and my friends, we just ducked," a bar patron said.

According to a spokesman with the Houston Police Department it was Officer Jose Coranado's gun going off. Police say just moments earlier, the 37-year-old officer had walked out of the pub after attending a party with his wife and friends when he saw a fight on the parking lot and heard cries for help. Then he saw a friend being attacked.

"Saw his friend who had been a friend of his for 20 years lying on his back on the ground with four men punching and kicking him," HPD Spokesman Kese Smith said.

Police say the four-year patrolman identified himself as a police officer then tried to break up the fight.

"One of the men told him he didn't care who he was, he had a gun. The suspect had a gun and reached for his waistband. The officer, fearing for his safety, pulled his weapon and discharged it, striking the suspect," Smith said.

HPD says Coronado then fired again, hitting a second suspect who police say began advancing closely toward the officer. The officer had minor cuts and scratches. Both suspects were taken to the hospital. We're told they are expected to be OK.

Detectives are still investigating to see whether any of the suspects actually had a weapon and whether alcohol was a factor in the shooting.

Officer Coronado has been with HPD for four years, but he's been a licensed peace officer for about 13. He's being put on desk duty for three days, but that's standard for officer-involved shootings.