Suspects identified in Deerbrook Mall shooting

Esteban Carlon (left) was fatally shot and Joaquin Carlon was arrested after an alleged car burglary attempt in the parking lot of Deerbrook Mall.

January 27, 2011 9:50:58 AM PST
We have an update to an officer-involved shooting this week that left a car burglary suspect dead in a local mall parking lot. Police have now identified both suspects in the case including the man who was killed.

Police say an officer was trying to stop Esteban Carlon and Joaquin Carlon after spotting them breaking into a vehicle at Deerbrook Mall. The officer broke out the passenger side window with his handgun, and police say the gun went off by accident, killing Esteban Carlon.

Joaquin Carlon, 21, was taken into custody at the time and has been charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Esteban Carlon, 23, had convictions in 2009 for failure to identify himself to a police officer and theft -- both misdemeanors -- and convictions in 2005 for burglary of a residence and theft, of which both were felonies.

Humble police say Detective Craig Miller is the officer that was involved in shooting. He has been with the Humble police for more than 12 years.