Illegal dumping a growing problem in Acres Homes

January 13, 2011 8:53:27 PM PST
A growing problem in a Houston neighborhood has one woman very upset. She says she's contact officials to get help, but no one has responded to her calls for help. It isn't the first time the city has received complaints about illegal dumping in the area, but one woman hopes her complaint will be one of the last.

Though Judy Hardin has moved out of Acres Homes, she hasn't really left.

"This is where I grew up. I come through here everyday," said Hardin.

Either to visit her mother or to go to work and what she sees makes her angry.

"It's just a dump area. Bottles, glass, old cans," Hardin said.

In fact you don't have to go far to find the trash -- it's in drainage ditches, along the side of the road, next to abandoned houses, even in an old boat. And the backyard of a foreclosed home doesn't even look like a backyard at all.

"I guess they feel like it's Acres Homes," said resident Flora Hill.

"I think it is ignored," said Hardin.

So Hardin has been trying to get the problem noticed. She's called and emailed city leaders as well as 311 to report the illegal dumping. Now it's about patience says Montecella Flaniken with HPD Neighborhood Protection.

"Do not think it's going to be the next day. Of course we have some neighbors who are conscientious and they may do it themselves if we notify them, but if the city has to take care of it, it won't be the next day," said Flaniken.

"It's a terrible eyesore," said Hardin.

She feels like the neighborhood, one of Houston's oldest, has waited long enough and believes the piles of trash will only get bigger unless someone intervenes soon.

"If it looks like a dumpster, then they will continue dumping trash in it," said Hardin.

HPD Environmental Investigation unit will be out Friday morning to inspect the area.

To report illegal dumping, you can call 311. And if you actually witness it, you can call HPD Neighborhood Protection at 713-525-7278.