Letter threatens violence against Bay City ISD

January 4, 2011 1:08:40 PM PST
State investigators are analyzing a threatening letter sent to the Bay City school district superintendent. The anonymous letter sent over the holidays mentions an incident involving the writer's child. It then threatens the superintendent's family and random students with violence unless nine specific rules are followed.

On Tuesday, parents will get a letter from the district explaining the threat and the school's response.

The letter suggests the writer suffers from a terminal illness and has only 18 months to live. [ READ THE THREATENING LETTER ]

If anyone has information on the origin of the letter or the person responsible for the letter, they are asked to contact Chief Leroy Cunningham/Crimestoppers at 979-245-1856 or Bay City Police at 979-245-8500.

According to school district officials, classes will continue as scheduled, with an increased emphasis on safety and security. They add that the following security measures are already in place: Locked perimeter doors and classroom doors, staff is trained in emergency procedures and BCISD officers who are licensed and carry weapons. For this specific security alert, the district is also altering some school procedures on the campuses, including re-routing some student activities and transition routes.