Suspicious man approaches children

ROSENBERG, TX On Thursday the Rosenberg Police Department received two reports about a man with a dog approaching female children in the area of Travis Elementary, Taylor Ray Elementary and Travis Park.

The first incident occurred approximately two weeks ago, on a Wednesday after school hours. The student was walking on the track and was reportedly approached by a Hispanic male who asked her to come to his vehicle to listen to music. The student ran away and the suspect fled towards Ward Street.

The second incident happened on Sunday. While two sisters were at the playground of Travis Elementary, they were reportedly approached by a Hispanic male with a dog who asked them "Can you keep us company?" The girls ran away and reported that the suspect ran towards a vehicle parked in Travis Park.

The suspect is described as Hispanic male, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing glasses, with black or dark colored hair, possible curly. He was wearing a gray short sleeved shirt and black shorts, and had a tattoo on his right arm. They believed the subject was in his 40s.

The dog is described as smaller, light colored with a spot and a darker colored head and may go by the name Penny. The vehicle is a black-colored four-door vehicle with chrome around the windows.

Anyone with information about this person or any other suspicious activity around the schools should contact Sergeant Chad Pino at 832-595-3700.

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