Suspect in Halloween party shooting appears in court

HOUSTON Carlos Marquez was in court this morning for a hearing. He's accused of opening fire outside a home in southeast Houston last month after getting kicked out of the party.

Loreal Castro, 17, was killed and another teen was wounded. Castro's family and friends showed up at the hearing today with pictures of her to show what they've lost.

"I want him to know to see what he took away. This is the face and he needs to remember," said the victim's mother, Amanda Castro.

"My daughter had so many dreams, so many aspirations and I always told her the world was hers and she always did the right thing and managed to make us proud," said Angelo Castro, the victim's father.

Marquez is supposed to be in court again next month. Castro's family says after her death, they received a letter informing them that Loreal had been granted a college scholarship.

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