Haunted hotel gives residents scares

LIBERTY, TX It's a hotel that's supposedly haunted. In some cases, guests have been so frightened they left in the middle of their stays.

It's the historic Ott Hotel, and in its more than 80 years in Liberty, it's seen a lot.

"Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps," paranormal investigator Gabriel Morales said.

But, people at the Ott say some of its guests never leave. Some are still lurking in the rooms and hallways. So much so, many paranormal experts have come to check it out.

"This building has been wired, (taped), EVPs," Ott Hotel owner Susan McCain said. "We have everything from little orbs to full-body apparitions."

"I have yet to go anywhere that is as active as the Ott Hotel," Morales said.

Morales and his team are researching paranormal activity across the state, and they've stayed at the inn several times, catching video of odd noises.

But going over some old pictures taken at the hotel two years ago, they made a startling discovery.

"In one of the rooms that was walled off, you can see the image of a little girl looking out the window," Morales said.

People at the hotel say the room where she was seen was completely closed off. They tell us since 1928, there have been more than 20 deaths at the hotel. In one room, a couple was shot and killed with a single bullet.

Members of Morales' crew jumped when they stayed in it.

"I was standing up against a wall, and nobody around me, and then something touched my shoulder," investigator Amy Rebouche said.

People at the hotel say guests in the room have had experiences with furniture moving, so they've screwed it to the floor or walls.

"They all agree that it's considered a portal; it's where they can cross back and forth," McCain said.

But people who live in the building say they've gotten used to the things that go bump during the day -- and night.

"We consider all our expired guests residents," McCain said.

The hotel is open, but to stay there, you actually have to sign a waiver, warning you of the spiritual activity.

As for the little girl seen in the window, investigators and people at the hotel haven't been able to identify her.

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