Famed oil-well firefighter to live on via auction

BELLVILLE, TX As a pioneer in the oil-field firefighting business, he became somewhat of a Texas legend. This weekend, his granddaughter is doing what she can to keep his memory alive while helping others at the same time.

On the Red Acres Ranch near Bellville, there was an opportunity on Saturday for Texas history enthusiasts to own a piece of a one-of-a-kind hero.

At auction were a variety of items once owned by Red Adair, the man who pioneered oil-field firefighting and blow-out response.

The auction was the brainchild of Adair's granddaughter, Sunny Adair.

"It's a very hard day for me," she said. "I'm kind of running the gamut of emotions, from excited and happy, sad, nervous."

Red Adair was well known as an innovator; his work even was featured in the movie Hellfighters starring John Wayne.

He appeared on network television and was widely regarded as an American hero.

It's been six years since Adair died at age 89, and in that time, Sunny Adair says she and her family had moved 10 U-Hauls worth of belongings but found there were still items of value that people might want. And if she could sell them, she could donate the money to charity.

She chose Shriners Burn Hospital in Galveston, where children receive free medical help.

"Most of the time these children never have just one visit," said Brian Corrie with Shriners hospital for Children in Galveston. "They're cared for in a wraparound-care method."

There is also new merchandise, including hats and shirts and jackets. Proceeds will also go to help Shriners and help keep the memory of a Texas legend alive.

"I wanna thank everyone for being here, for loving him, for caring about him, and for being here," Sunny Adair said. "It's amazing to see all of this even six years after his passing."

You can learn more about the charitable efforts by Sunny Adair at the Red Adair website.

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