Murder suspect's arrest doesn't ease fears

HOUSTON As we reported during our live coverage of the chase, Herbert Goldsmith is accused of murder. Houston police investigators say Goldsmith killed a man last Friday in northeast Houston.

Today, we went back to the neighborhood to find out how the victim's neighbors and family are feeling now that Goldsmith has been arrested.

As murder suspect Herbert Goldsmith ran from the police in a high speed chase Tuesday night, the people in one northeast Houston neighborhood watched with extra interest. The murder that Goldsmith was wanted for happened here last Friday night.

"I guess something went wrong," said the murder victim's neighbor. "It wasn't about no drugs. I know that for a fact. They was all supposed to be cool, homeboys."

Neighborhood children left a makeshift memorial to 29-year-old Christopher Jones -- candles, teddy bears and balloons. Jones died of gunshot wounds. Another man in the home on Galaxy was injured.

Today the neighborhood was still tense, still grieving and still afraid. A relative of Jones, who didn't want to be identified, says there are still too many unknowns and two more suspects on the loose.

"We're kinda scared still," the family member said. "We hope they catch them two."

Goldsmith is charged with capital murder in Jones' death and will likely face more charges stemming from the chase. It started around Federal and I-10 when police, who already had Goldsmith under surveillance, tried to pull him over.

Instead, the driver sped off with police in pursuit until he crashed at I-10 and Gregg and ran. Blocks away, police say Goldsmith carjacked another car and fled again.

Officers lost sight of Goldsmith on I-10, but gained sight of him from our live coverage from SkyEye HD.

"If it wasn't for the Channel 13 helicopter, there's a good chance we wouldn't have been able to catch up to Goldsmith," said Jason Robles, HPD Investigator.

The chase finally ended at Highway 90 and John Ralston, when the Escort Goldsmith had carjacked hit a red pickup truck. One person in the truck was hurt. Goldsmith was arrested at the scene.

Back in northeast Houston, at least one neighbor says he's seen Goldsmith around.

"Don't too much care for him," the neighbor said. "I don't know him at all. I just know Christopher."

Investigators say Goldsmith is not the only suspect in the murder and police welcome any information from the public.

"We have two more suspects to look for, we have a bunch of evidence to process," said Matthew Brady, HPD Investigator.

Goldsmith does not yet have a court date set.

Herbert Goldsmith has a criminal past and has spent time in prison. In 2007, he was sentenced to six years for drugs, but was paroled this past December. He's on parole for that conviction until 2013. Also in 2007, Goldsmith served time for burglary of a building and auto theft convictions.

In 2006, Goldsmith also spent a few days behind bars for drugs.

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