Tea Party candidates celebrate big primary wins

NEW YORK Yesterday, candidates backed by Tea Partiers crushed many of those backed by the Republican establishment. In Delaware, Christine O'Donnell beat long term Congressman Mike Castle thanks to the backing of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Castle had the backing of most mainstream Republicans.

The Tea Party surge continued in New York, where Carl Paladino beat party-backed candidate Rick Lazio in the state's governor's race.

But not all incumbents lost. One savoring a victory today is Congressman Charlie Rangel. He beat out the competition, despite the fact he's currently facing 13 ethics charges.

There are also some interesting numbers out today about the people who showed up to vote in the primaries. A study by American University found four million more Republicans than Democrats cast a ballot in primaries across the country. That voter gap could prove critical in November's midterm elections.

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