Suspect on the loose after allegedly killing family member

HOUSTON The shooting took place at a home on Cypress Meadow and Cypress Knoll in northwest Harris County. We spoke with family members who are shaken over the man's death.

"We all broke down in tears," said Peter Fernandez.

It's difficult for Fernandez to talk about his ex-wife's husband without getting emotional. On Thursday afternoon, Paul Johnson, 38, was murdered inside the home he shared with his kids, his ex-wife, her new husband and their kids.

"He was part of the family. That was the oldest children's father, you know," said Fernandez.

Johnson was shot in the head while making lunch for the kids in the kitchen. Fernandez says his wife's brother, Lox Gorme, pulled the trigger. The 39-year-old man and his sister had just finished arguing.

"The children ran all over the place, he ran back into the room, pointed the gun at my wife's head and said, 'Do you want some of this? Do you want some of this, huh?' And then pointed the gun at my daughter, my 8-year-old," Fernandez said.

Gorme came to live with his sister, her husband, and Johnson in 2007. He moved in after he lost his job and fell on hard times. Fernandez says things were great until last year when Gorme's behavior slowly started to change.

"We never knew anything because he secluded himself in that room for weeks," Fernandez said.

Gorme left the house after the shooting and hasn't been seen since. Fernandez, his ex-wife and the kids are worried Gorme might come back, and they admit they are now living in fear.

If you have any information on Gorme's whereabouts, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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