Stumped on Father's Day gift? Try our ideas!


No need to sweat this one.

Dads are pretty simple. Some like power tools, others like to spend time grilling, but don't take our word for it; here's what some of the dads say they want for Father's Day.

"I have asked for a Maserati, and that has not happened," father Harry Himmelstein said jokingly.

For Himmelstein, the perfect Father's Day gift is a quiet day at home.

"No 'I need this,' no 'change the light bulb,'" he said.

But other guys would love a new power tool.

"A tool would be good," Merrel Middleton, a father, said. "That way, I can fix some stuff around the house."

At the Home Depot, it's easy to blow your budget with a miter saw for $100. But for the handy man, there are budget friendly items like knee pad protectors for $12.97, and for the for the grill master, a set of grill brushes for $16.97.

Over at Marshall's, the store has sectioned off the front of the store with Father's Day gift ideas. We found polo shirts for $29.99, but while it may sound like a good gift idea, the dads we spoke to say they would rather pick out their own clothes.

"A shirt has to be a certain size, a certain color," dad Lee Glass said.

But Glass says you can't go wrong with cologne. We found various brands priced between $10 and $30.

Electronics are always a hit with dads, like a web cam we found for $24.99.

While the iPod docking station and alarm clock was a budget buster for $79.99, it was a favorite gift idea among dads.

Over at Golfsmith, one of the hottest sellers is the device called the SkyCaddie.

"It tells you exactly where you are and how far the distance to that," Golfsmith employee Brittny Dorsett said.

But it's not cheap. The SkyCaddie retails for $399.99.

A less expensive gift idea that golfers love is the Bionic Golf Glove for $29.99. It's designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon and is a favorite among golfers.

"You can't have too many golf gloves and in Houston in the summer," said dad Phil Lonsway. "They wear out pretty quickly."

But at the end of the day, some dads really want the same thing.

"Just some time with family," Middleton said. "I am working hard so just some time away."

"You really don't need to over analyze it," dad John Tristan said. "Guys are simple, so we'll take anything."

Just in case, don't forget to get a gift receipt. For even more gift ideas, look at the list below and check out our links!
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