Portland mayor fires police chief


Adams said at a City Hall press conference the factors that went into his decision were "cumulative" but that he made his decision Tuesday night before meeting with Police Chief Rosie Sizer on Wednesday morning.

Adams praised Sizer for her four years as chief, saying she "has accomplished some remarkable reforms" at the Portland Police Bureau.

But the mayor added: "Too often though, the reforms have come after, or in reaction to, failures at the bureau. I want to put the bureau on a more proactive reform path."

Adams named Mike Reese, the Central Precinct commander, as the new chief, effective with the announcement.

Adams said Sizer would take her remaining vacation time until she can officially retire on July 15 to preserve her full benefits.

Sizer could not immediately be reached for comment.

The mayor also said he would take over immediately as police commissioner, a traditional role for the Portland mayor but one that Adams had delegated to City Commissioner Dan Saltzman.

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