Ft. Bend ISD won't cut as many jobs

HOUSTON Originally, 275 certified teaching positions were on the chopping block, but on Monday, that number dwindled down to just 54.

Either way, Monday night's board meeting was so packed that dozens of parents and students had to listen to meeting from the lobby.

About 20 parents, students and teachers went before the school board Monday night, all arguing that there has to be a better way to reduce the budget deficit. They all argued that the coaches and teachers identified to be let go are too valuable to the student body.

"I wish that we all could find a better way to keep teachers and coaches in the system that have gone way above and beyond influencing kids' lives, " said Tyrone Cross, a concerned parent.

The trustees are faced with shoring up a $22.8 million budget deficit for the 2010-11 school year. To get there, the board's approved to eliminate 54 teachers and campus administrators.

In addition to the 54 positions eliminated, the trustees will be considering cutting another 195 non-teaching positions.
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