Montrose fire station closes unexpectedly

HOUSTON The firefighters from Station 16 on Richmond and Dunlavy were moved to Stations 33 and 8. The city is doing preliminary inspections and work at the damaged fire station now, and HFD believes firefighters will be able to return by Wednesday.

The Berry family enjoyed Easter Sunday at Ervan Chew Park.

"He loves to play in the park and I love to be a kid," said Jackie Berry.

They were unaware the fire station just down the street is now empty.

"Just shocked, I didn't realize that it was," said Jennifer Berry.

A spokesperson for the fire department says late last week a firefighter at Station 16 noticed ceramic tiles on the second floor of the building were coming up. That led to concerns of a possible foundation problem with the building.

Spokesperson Jack Williams told us, "Late Friday, the Houston Fire Department decided to move the firefighters and the trucks, pumpers and ambulances out of the building and to another location as a precaution."

Jennifer Berry lives just down the street from Station 16.

"There is a sense of security," she said.

HFD says firefighters and equipment will make runs from the other nearby stations.

"Mostly what I'm curious about is where they've relocated and am I still going to get my services in a timely fashion," said Jennifer.

Williams says they do not expect the move to have a significant impact on the average four and a half minute response time in the area.

While the fire department examines the future of the station, those who live and visit near the empty station hope they'll be back in business soon.

"I would hope that they still have something near in the area that if there was a great need they could do it expeditiously," said Jackie.

You can read more about the Station 16 shut down in the River Oaks Examiner. It's one of our Houston Community Newspaper partners online.

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