NYC chef creates breast milk cheese

NEW YORK It's not on the menu, but it's got a lot of people talking.

Chef Daniel Angerer is dealing with a full plate. He owns the restaurant Klee and is being bombarded with questions about a dish he created. The main ingredient is his wife's breast milk.

"She was OK with it," he said. "I think it's better than throwing it out because this is so personal."

You wont find it on the menu at his 9th Avenue eatery, though. It's not made there, rather inside his apartment.

Dubbed Mom's Milk Cheese, it's part breast milk with a dash of yogurt, a pinch of sea salt and something to help solidify the mixture.

He's whipped up several varieties and got the idea shortly after his wife, Lori, gave birth to their daughter, Arabella. Lori was breast feeding.

"And then a few weeks later, our freezer at home we don't have enough space," he said.

So far, Daniel has received about 25,000 hits so far on his blog. People who want to sample the special cheese can arrange free tastings, only in person, away from the restaurant.

Daniel has no intentions to, but the health department has already told him not to sell the cheese in the restaurant.

"We don't recommend it be shared," said Daniel Kass, with the New York City Department of Health. "Don't know what kind of health problems any mother might or might not have."

Lori has been through a complete health screening and plans to also donate her milk to a milk bank. As for cheese, Daniel has already moved on to ceviche.

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