Elderly couple assaulted during home invasion

March 1, 2010 8:58:06 PM PST
A man and his wife were terrorized by an armed home invader late Sunday night. It happened in Baytown on Ironwood. The man's wife, whom he's been married to for almost six decades, lies in the hospital.

The victim says the suspect broke a window in the bedroom of their Baytown home and appeared in their living room around 10:30pm Sunday night as they watched television.

"He grabbed me around the neck, and said he would cut my throat if I didn't do what he said," said the husband.

We'll call the victims Tom and Sue - they ask we not use their real names. Tom says he tried to be calm and do whatever the man asked.

"He went through the drawers, getting jewelry and whatever else he saw he wanted," said Tom.

For four hours, the homeowner says the suspect tore through their belongings while they were forced to lie face down in their bedroom.

"He was very comfortable with being in here," Tom said.

Any time his wife made a noise showing her fear, the suspect came back to the bedroom.

"She was making noise and he didn't want her making noise, he would kick her hard," said Tom.

Even striking her in the head and injuring her. After almost 60 years of marriage, Tom thought this might be it.

"I had hoped that wouldn't be the end, but if it was and it happened, I've been so lucky to be 82 years old," he said.

But they survived the four-hour nightmare when the suspect finally left around 2:30am, but not before taking Tom's keys and driving off with their car.

The victim's wife was transported to Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center due to brain swelling from being kicked by the suspect. Her husband tells us they will monitor her overnight and she may be able to go home on Tuesday.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Baytown Police Department at 281-422-8371. You can also contact Crime Stoppers at 281-427-TIPS. Tipsters will remain anonymous.