Houston author making women happy

February 18, 2010 9:19:52 PM PST
Each year there are dozens of new books offering young single women advice about work and dating life. But a new one by a Houston author is taking a very different approach, telling women "it's not all about you." We take a closer look at the book 'The List' and how Houston women say this book is making them truly happy. It's Thursday night in Houston and while many single women are hitting the bars hoping to meet Mr. Right, the Second Baptist Church is packed with 20 and 30-somethings to meet author Marian Jordan.

"I'm a Jesus feminist," said Jordan.

Jordan's brand of girl power is God power. She weaves lessons from the bible into books designed to help young women sort through work, dating, and single life. In a world that values money, looks, and success, she says women are hearing the wrong message.

"I don't care what the secret is, I don't care what Oprah says, I believe the worst advice young women are being given today is that it's all about you," said Jordan.

Her latest book is called 'The List.'

"I've never spoken to a woman that didn't tell me that she had a list," said Jordan.

One of the book's fans, Kristin Patten, said, "We all do have a list whether you think you do or not. My next thing is I want to get married."

Reader Inger Calderon said, "I start to think about things in my life, my future, what I've done and what I still need to do."

'The List' is all the things women think they need by a certain age to be happy.

"You have this expectation of when I'm 30 I'm gonna have the Pottery Barn house, I'm going to have the 2.5 kids, the husband, the big rock, the Suburban, the whole Texas dream," said Jordan. "The big letdown is when life doesn't go towards our expectations."

The solution is to quit looking in the mirror. Real beauty she says comes from character, not from a jar.

While most self help books teach women how to have a better body, a better job, even a better man, 'The List' is sort if an anti-self help book. It teaches women to start first with having a better soul.

"When she really begins to see herself the way God sees her, that transforms everything," said Jordan.

To avoid disappointment, she challenges women to tear up their lists, and accept that being single, no matter how low on their list it was, can be a blessing.

"Women do look at being single as a vacancy instead of an opportunity. This is your opportunity. One day you will be changing diapers," said Jordan. "But right now, if you want to get your masters, get your masters, if you want to travel the world, travel the world. Do it. Don't waste the time."

"She spelled it out for the first time and that was just really encouraging to hear that hey I'm not alone," said reader Susanna Thorn

"It takes you out of that, it frees you from being chained to that list," said reader Kristina Baum.

This is Jordan's third time writing a book.