Woman shot by burglar in north Harris County

February 9, 2010 3:54:52 PM PST
A north Harris County homeowner is recovering after being shot in the leg by a man who was trying to break into her home. It happened at a home in the 1100 block of Imperial Lake. Two families on this street are reeling from the shock of kick-in burglaries. One of the victims is now recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg after she may have surprised the burglar by being home.

One homeowner in the Imperial Green subdivision says this is the third time someone's broken into her north Harris County home.

"Oh lord Jesus, lord they took all the stuff that I paid for," said Scipia Ray.

This morning her neighbor two doors down was shot when a man first knocked on the door, then broke it in. When he saw a woman inside the house, he shot her in the leg before getting away in a blue Ford Focus. Investigators think it's possible that the burglar shot the woman in surprise.

Asst. Chief Woody Mitchell with the Precinct 4 Constable's office said, "A typical tactic of these burglaries, burglars that kick doors in, is to knock on the door and then they'll wait a few seconds and then they'll kick the door."

The victim's family didn't want to talk on camera but they told Eyewitness News the couple moved into the house in August.

Two doors down, Scipia Ray tells us she and her six kids living here have been the victims of burglars three times since the holidays.

She said, "I better be glad there wasn't nobody here because if they shot her, then think of what they would have did to me?"

Scipia says she has no insurance and she has nowhere else to go.

"I got no choice but to stay here," she said.