Honduran girls allegedly forced into prostitution

January 15, 2010 11:08:29 AM PST
Federal agents arrested a south Texas bar owner and one of his bartenders after a house raid revealed several Honduran girls allegedly forced into prostitution. Immigration officials say Beleal Garcia Gonzalez and Elizabeth Mendez Vasquez are both illegal Mexican immigrants and have been charged with harboring illegal immigrants. A detention hearing is set for Wednesday, and it's unclear whether they had attorneys.

The Monitor of McAllen reported Friday that immigration agents raided a house in Mission on Wednesday and found inside several illegal immigrants, including three Honduran girls ranging in age from 14 and 17. Court records show they allegedly were forced to work for $20 per day in Garcia's bar, where they allegedly were prostituted and forced to work off their smuggling debts.

The girls are being held as material witnesses.