Water main break causes outages for some businesses

January 13, 2010 10:34:11 AM PST
A water pipe break led to outages in parts of Montgomery County early this morning. While the water is back on, some 2,000 residents are still being asked to boil it, just to be safe. That water pipe broke around 3am in some woods near Shenandoah, leaving at least one hospital and some businesses without water for a couple of hours. Residents were asked to boil their water until today.

It is a main water line that services the entire city of Shenandoah. City crews spent several hours pumping water out. The good news is that water service has been restored across the city. The bad news, however, is that life is not entirely back to normal for people who live in the area.

Donna Summerlin didn't notice anything wrong with her water when she woke up this morning.

"I ran my dishwasher. I took a shower," she said. "I haven't had any problems. In fact, the water didn't look any different."

But down the street, Nexus Hospital staff members rushed to grocery stores to buy gallons of water to maintain operations.

"It just stopped, and the toilets stopped and everything and all the patients were complaining," said Nexus Hospital staffer Maria Ramirez Nexus.

Business took a hit at the local Denny's.

"My coworker called me about 4:45am and said since 3 o'clock this morning, we had no water," said Denny's manager Leslie Sanko-Rodriguez.

After closing for hours and turning away part of their early morning rush, the restaurant re-opened its doors.

"About 6 o'clock in the morning, the water came back on, but it was really, really bad. We had to run it for a really long time," said Sanko-Rodriguez.

Shenandoah police were delivering boil order notices to all businesses to ensure water is suitable for drinking, cooking and making ice and to rid the water of any bacteria or contamination.

"Initial tests don't indicate that's a problem. Our chlorine levels have remained constant, but as a precaution because it's best practice, that we recommend people do that until further notice," said Bryan Carlisle with the City of Shenandoah.

While Summerlin hadn't heard the news before we told her, she was happy to hear breakfast wasn't spoiled.

"Well this is boiled water. It works for me," she said.

Officials had asked for businesses and residents to boil water for 2 to 3 days but that order was lifted Wednesday morning.