Dead animals found dumped in NE Harris Co.

January 11, 2010 5:31:48 PM PST
A sick discovery was found outside a neighborhood in northeast Harris County. The remains of animals had been dumped near railroad tracks near West Lake Houston Parkway, between FM 1960 and Beltway 8. Lynn Haney never thought her beloved family pets would end up dead along railroad tracks. Gus, a 110 pound Labrador, and Scrappy, a mutt true to his name, ran out of the family garage in early December.

"There wasn't any reason for someone not to call and say, 'Hey, we got your dogs,'" Lynn said. "They both had collars, they both had tags, they were both microchipped."

Lynn and her husband Ken Haney began a frantic search. Weeks went by, and then a call from a property owner who said he saw some dead animals along a stretch of railroad tracks.

Ken said, "She called me on the cell phone and she was, you know, crying and said, 'This is Gus, this is Gus.' I knew it was, but you just don't want to believe it."

"I could see the hole in Gus' side," Lynn recalled. "It was intact, except for the hole in his side which was like a bullet hole."

Gus and Scrappy's bodies were found about 50 yards apart. But Ken and Lynn found other dead animals nearby, including possums, a pig and several other small dogs.

Ken said, "Just a lot of things call the attention, with all the dead animals around here it's like a dumping ground or something."

The railroad tracks are the dividing line between Harris County and the city of Houston, leading to confusion over who will investigate the crime. Houston police told us an investigator has been assigned, but no information is yet available.

So all the Haneys could do was bury their pets along with their favorite can of dog food and hope for answers.

"They stayed together, they lived together, they were close," Ken said. "There wasn't much to bring home of Scrappy, so let's bury Gus out here and that way they're together."

Family members say they would like to know who did this so perhaps other pet owners could be spared.