Man believes he's got a chupacabra

BLANCO, TX "I've never seen anything like it and I've hunted most of my life," said Lynn Butler of Rosenberg.

He showed us the photos of the critter his mother's cousin found in a barn three months ago in Brazoria County.

"He described it to me. It was like a skinless dog and he was going to throw it away and with me doing a little taxidermy work, I decided don't throw it away, I'll do something with it," said Butler.

He is a taxidermist and decided to keep the animal.

"I had it here in the freezer for about three months," said Butler.

He works with various species of animals, but is thrown for a loop trying to figure out what this thing is, a coyote or a chupacabra, the mythical beast believed to suck the blood of goats.

"There's no hair on it, it's got long teeth, it's got the long tail like a coyote but there's no hair," said Butler. "It just seems to me that the legs are a little longer than a coyote and I can't tell you one way or another if it's a coyote with mange or if it's a chupacabra."

He sent blood samples to Texas A&M University for testing and gave the carcass to a friend and fellow taxidermist near San Antonio.

"I'm not real confident in my work to do an animal that's a once in a lifetime thing. I would rather someone that has years of experience do it, but I'm going to go and we're going to mount it together," said Butler.

He does not know whether he stumbled across a supernatural creature, but he is certain of one thing.

"What I can say is it's a freak of nature," said Butler.

He told us the Hall of Horns at the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio has shown interest in displaying the animal.

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