Judge indicted in vandalism case

HOUSTON Judge Woody Densen used to spend time inside the courthouse in judgment of others, but he found himself on the other side of the law Thursday facing criminal charges that could land him in jail.

Judge Densen said nothing as he walked into the Harris County grand jury Thursday morning. His lawyers are still optimistic that Denson wouldn't be indicted for allegedly vandalizing his neighbor's car.

At the center of this case is surveillance video showing Densen walking then pausing behind his neighbor's car, not once, but twice late last month. Despite bringing in several of their own witnesses, Densen was indicted Thursday afternoon.

"Judge Densen voluntarily took and passed a polygraph report. We have no idea, with the evidence we presented, how an indictment could have been returned. We are very disappointed," said Densen's attorney Robert Pelton.

Because the damage to the Range Rover is estimated to be over $1,500, Densen's indictment is a state jail felony. His attorneys said they will not only fight the case, but also dispute the amount of the damage.

"It's obvious there are disagreements over the value of the damage to this guy's car," said Pelton.

As for the owner of the car, Adam Kliebert said it's been difficult dealing with the situation, but he's relieved by the grand jury's decision.

"Who am I? I'm just some guy who's Judge Densen's neighbor and he's a judge who's been around for years. He knows he has more power than I do," said Kliebert.

It's important to note that until this case goes to trial, both men will continue living next door to each other.

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