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Battling Cellulite
How To Get Amazing Arms
"The Skin Pyramid"
Master Cleanse: What You Should Know

Battling Cellulite

Cellulite. Ninety percent of people have it. Almost 100 percent of us would like to get rid of it. We took a look at the causes and what some women say is helping them get rid of those unsightly dimples on their backsides.

Dr. Richard LeConey says cellulite is a form of fat that is literally deposited in the skin itself, causing the dimpled, rippled surface appearance. Nutritionist Keith Kline says the following foods can be contributors:

  • Processed carbs like white bread, bagels, and pasta
  • Alcohol and wine (because of their typical high simple sugar content)
  • Dairy products, including whole milk and cheese
  • Kline believes a healthy diet and exercise, especially cardio, is the best way to fight the battle of the bulge. For those seeking other non-invasive options, two of the most popular procedures at the Institute For Anti-Aging are "Smart Lipo" and "Endermologie." Both are outpatient procedures and require very little recovery time.

    For More Information:
    Dr. Richard and Dana LeConey
    Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine

    How To Get Amazing Arms

    Amazing, sexy arms are the accessory of the season, and the best way to get them is the old-fashioned way of exercising. Fitness trainer Kelley Lloyd Davidson demonstrates several exercises to perfect those arms.

    For More Information:
    Kelley Lloyd Davidson
    Group Fitness Director

    "The Skin Pyramid"

    Celebrity skin expert Kate Sommerville's client list reads like a who's who of Hollywood's most beautiful celebrities. But, when it comes to skincare, Kate takes an everywoman approach and says there are five key things every woman should be doing. These five steps are what Kate often refers to as "The Skin Pyramid."

    • Protect your skin - Use sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30.
    • Hydrate - Look for products with hyaluronic acid, which helps hold the water in skin cells.
    • Feed your skin - Vitamins A, C, and E are key. Get them through fruits and vegetables as well as vitamin supplements.
    • Stimulate - Sommerville says products with peptides help increase collagen and help skin stay plump and gorgeous.
    • Detoxify - Exfoliating at least twice a week is the best way to detox your skin. Sommerville recommends using round beads in an exfoliant scrub. Others may be too harsh. Also, she says look for lactic acid in the ingredients to help dissolve dead skin cells.

    For More Information:
    Kate Sommerville
    Celebrity Skin Expert

    Master Cleanse: What You Should Know

    Master Cleanse is a dieting program created in the 1940s that claims to be a way to cleanse the body of toxins and remove cravings associated with alcohol, tobacco, junk food, and drugs - including caffeine. The cleanse involves drinking only lemonade made from fresh lemon or lime juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper for a minimum of 10 days as well as drinking a daily saltwater "flush." It is recommended that you consult your physician before trying this diet.

    The diet often resurfaces and makes news when celebrities mention they have used it for rapid weight loss, so we decided to ask women to share their Master Cleanse experiences.

    Master Cleanse Recipe
    2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice
    2 tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
    1/10 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
    10 ounces of filtered water

    Recommended 6-12 servings per day

    Daily Salt Flush
    2 tablespoons sea salt
    1 pint lukewarm water

    For More Information:
    Domenica Catelli
    Celebrity Chef

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