Promo codes save money when shopping online

HOUSTON Many web sites allow you to enter promo codes to get a discount. If you don't have a promo code, there is an easy way you can get one.

When you shop online, you're often asked for a promotional code. Don't have one? Lisa Lee Freeman of Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine says, "No problem!"

"It's easy to find promotion codes online. Just go to Google and type in the words 'promotion code' and the name of the Web site where you're shopping," Freeman said.

You can often find a code to enter. At Borders, entering the promotion code knocked almost $10 off the price of an audiotape. ShopSmart says there's also a wealth of coupons to be found online. Good sites include:,, and

"Always check the first day of the month, that's when they typically load the new coupons," Freeman advised.

To print the coupons, you will have to download special software. You'll want to print the whole page so the store manager can see it's from a legitimate source. And for more supermarket savings before you head to the store check for sales online at

"You can compare coupons at your favorite supermarkets and decide where to shop that week, and maybe even plan your menus around what's on sale," Freeman said.

You can even get coupons on the go if you have an Internet-enabled cell phone. Sign up at Whenever you log on, coupons will be downloaded right to your phone to show at the store.

Even if you are planning a trip to the store it's still a good idea to head to the Internet first to see if the store has a coupon you can print. Even outlet stores have printable coupons.

We have sites listed for you on my consumer blog.

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