Bear Creek residents begin cleanup

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The water started flooding streets at 3am Tuesday and by 6am it was inside the homes. Carpets have already been removed from Steve Filipiak's home. The day long chore started only after the flood waters went down later in the morning

"This has not happened here," he told us. "I talked to my neighbor who has been here 30 years and he has not seen something like this happen."

When Filipiak went to sleep everything was fine, by 3am the water was inside his home.

"We started putting furniture up on pedestals so it would not get destroyed, but the flooring is all gone and the sheet rock has to be replaced," Filipiak told us.

The sound of rushing water replaced the usual traffic noise. Barker Cypress looked more like a spill way than a roadway at Cullen Park. Down the street, the water flooded several first floor apartments including Jovita Romo's unit.

"My apartment was flooded with four to six inches of water," she told us. "I had been thinking about getting renters insurance for a few months now and that was my downfall, I regret not getting it."

There are still road closures in the area. One road collapsed where crews had been replacing a large sewer line. Others remained flooded as water flowed over them into the Addicks Reservoir.

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