Find healthy foods for less than $1

March 26, 2009 4:04:25 PM PDT
If you think eating healthy comes with a hefty price tag, think again. Eating wholesome, nutritious food is not only good for you, but it will help you stretch your grocery dollar. More specifically we have a list of the top 20 healthiest foods under one dollar! While we have some obvious food choices that are cheap and healthy, we also have some other healthy foods you may not have thought to add to your menu.

For some- shopping for healthy food at the grocery store is a weekly, expensive food hunt. But it doesn't have to be according to dietitian Catherine Kruppa.

She said, "A lot of people in the past have not been aware of how much they are spending shopping. Now they are pinching pennies and paying more attention."

So Kruppa came up with the top 20 healthiest foods for under a dollar per serving.

"Where you are going to find most of the cheaper healthy food is around the perimeter of the store," she advised.

By staying on the perimeter of the store, Kruppa says we'll get the freshest and most nutritious foods. Our first stop is the produce section. Here we pick up kale -- a leafy vegetable. Kruppa says kale has powerful antioxidants, is high in beta carotene and vitamins K and C. For 99 cents a bunch, it's also a bargain.

In the produce section we also pick up broccoli for $1.88, bananas for 49 cents a pound, a three pound bag of apples for $1.99 and potatoes.

Kruppa said, "You can get a five pound bag of potatoes for $2.49."

To satisfy our sweet tooth, Kruppa says watermelon is a healthy choice. A serving is full of vitamin C and helps quench the inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma and arthritis. We pick up a quarter melon for $1.99.

"When you cut it down to serving size, it's less than ten cents a serving," said Kruppa.

When it comes to juice, "OJ has the most nutritional value of any juices," she added.

But did you know picking up frozen juice is not only cheaper at a $1.19 a can, but just as nutritious as buying it in the dairy section? Just be sure the product is labeled 100% juice.

If you are a coffee drinker, Kruppa says studies show a cup of coffee a day can help fight diseases like diabetes. Kruppa says just drink in moderation.

A great snack for in between meals is pumpkin seeds. Studies show they can lower cholesterol and even fight depression and they're just 99 cents a serving. For those who buy frozen veggies, they're just as nutritious. Whole wheat pasta and wild rice are also on the top 20 list.

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