Man who saved baby speaks

March 20, 2009 4:58:42 PM PDT
It was a surprising discovery, and days after a baby was found stuffed in an old dryer, we are now hearing from the man who found the baby. [FULL INTERVIEW: Eyewitness News' talk with Mohamed La Abidi]

A faint cry lead a Houston man and his roommate to an old dryer and inside, a they found a newborn baby girl. The man says he's still shocked by what he found four days ago at that southwest Houston apartment complex.

On Friday, little 'Baby Mia,' as she was named by hospital personnel, was released from the hospital and is said to be doing well. But things could have been a lot different had the two men not been at the right place to save a life.

Mohamed La Abidi doesn't know why he and his roommate were the ones who would find little Baby Mia. But hearing that she is OK and bound for a new home makes him glad he did.

"Even the homicide detective said if she was there more time she would be dead," said Mohamed.

It was just another day at the apartment, when Mohamed says his roommate, Rashid, called him on his cell phone. Rashid just happened to be throwing out trash near the abandoned dryer when he heard a cry. When Mohamed got out there, he thought possibly it was an animal, but soon realized it wasn't.

"As soon as I opened it, the first thing I saw was her fingers," said Mohamed.

Mohamed says he immediately removed the child from the dryer and out of the plastic bag she was in, as his roommate called 911. He noticed that the baby still had her umbilical cord, and that's not all.

"I was looking for her head," said Mohamed. "She had an old towel. She was wrapped in an old towel, no clothes on, no diaper."

Mohamed says he stood by and watched as the paramedics arrived and then treated the child. He's still in shock anyone would abandon a baby like that.

"Even if she didn't have the guts to take her to a hospital or fire department, she didn't have to put her in a trash bag," said Mohamed.

As for his discovery, he's chalks it up to lucky curiosity that just happened to save a little girls life.

"I think anybody in that circumstance would do the same thing," he said.

In case you're wondering, Mohamed says he doesn't have kids of his own, but he certainly wants them. He says he would one day want to visit 'Baby Mia' once she is adopted. Authorities are still looking for the baby's mother.

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