Slow-going for Galveston recovery

January 13, 2009 5:04:52 PM PST
This time four months ago, we were getting our first views of the staggering impact Hurricane Ike had on Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula. Since then, the road to recovery has been long and trying for residents who lost everything.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Progress is coming to the West End and Jamaica Beach though it's very slow. And recovery for some homeowners hasn't even started.

"We think the water came from the bay and washed all of this. It probably got washed into the canals," said Phil Hardy.

Part of the one-two punch Hurricane Ike landed on Hardy's vacation house.

"The water must've come through the ceiling here and dropped the ceiling. (Mold ) is on the floor, on the counter, on the garbage can. We weren't able to get here right after the storm because no one was allowed down here. That would have permitted us to seal up the house," said Hardy.

Despite significant recovery in the area, many homes remain in tatters.

"It actually messed it up just like this. This is the way we found it," said Hardy.

Hardy blames the Texas Wind Storm Insurance Association. Last month, an adjuster delivered what Hardy considered a ridiculous offer.

"They gave us a number that was 25% of what we got for a builder's estimate to put it back to what it was," said Hardy.

So while some of his neighbors rebuild, Hardy and dozens of others are stuck.

"They don't answer our phone calls, they don't answer our emails and I'm very disappointed," said Hardy.

Despite Hardy's disappointment, the Texas Wind Storm Association says that 83% of the claims have been closed and the association has already paid out $818.5 million in Ike-related claims.

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