Hospital gives warning on hazardous toys

HOUSTON That's why the hospital comes out every year with its 'Trouble in Toyland' report. The staff at Texas Children's Hospital is asking adults to be extra vigilant as they buy and give toys this holiday season.

This is the time of year when every child has a favorite toy they are asking for and the vast majority of toys on the market are safe. But the hospital staff is worried about the ones that are misused and want adults to make sure all toys are age appropriate so as not to create unexpected danger.

"If you are at home, you can actually use a toilet paper roll and if you can fit something into it...This is Barbie's flipper. I took this off of her foot," said Jamie Byrd with the Texas Children's Hospital, demonstrating to the media. "If it can fit into this (toilet paper roll), it is a choking hazard for your child."

So check those labels and make sure the toys you give children are appropriate to their age. When children are of varying ages are playing together, make sure they are properly supervised because some children may not be old enough to play with some of the toys that are in the group.

Also make sure kids are wearing helmets with everything from bikes and scooters to skateboards. Many toy-related injuries come from falls off of those type of toys.

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