Friends remember the voice of SkyEye HD

HOUSTON Pilot John Downhower and reporter-photographer Dave Garrett were killed in the crash.

We've talked a lot about the broadcasting voice Garrett was so well known for. But we've also talked to some of his closest friends about another talent he shared with so many -- his singing voice.

Sean Turgeon met Garrett while working for METRO video services.

"He started flying, he was in the air and I was on the ground it was kind of cool," said Turgeon. "We were covering it from both ends."

And that's where years of friendship began.

Patrick Broadway met Dave through the local music scene in Houston. The three were involved in several bands, including Octane and Cosmic Noise. And they were supposed to practice Tuesday night. Instead, two of them are remembering the dear friend they say was so forthcoming he wore his heart on his sleeve.

"It's hard to accept," said Broadway. "I still can't remotely accept that he would no longer be with us."

From his music to his job in SkyEye HD...

"He loved what he did," said Turgeon. You could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice."

Sean says Dave was always good with kids, but it was never more evident than when he became a father himself.

"I've seen him mold into this man who really loved his family," said Turgeon.

His son, Adam, is now four years old.

"To me, it was what a father should be," said Broadway. "I looked at him and said, 'That's amazing' and it made him all the better of a person."

As the two remember the countless songs and memories they shared, they say their songs now will never be complete.

"There's an empty spot in your life where he can only live in here now and hopefully we can find a way to preserve that music of him because he did have a beautiful voice," said Broadway. "And he was just an awesome person."

Friends of Dave Garrett ask for prayers for them and Dave's family, and most of all, his son, Adam.

Services honoring both men have been scheduled:

    John Downhower Memorial
    Friday, October 17, 11am
    Fellowship of the Woodlands
    One Fellowship Dr.
    The Woodlands, TX 77384

    David Garrett Funeral
    Saturday, October 18, 11am
    River Pointe Community Church
    5000 Ransom Rd.
    Richmond, TX 77469

The families of both Garrett and Downhower are asking that you contribute to funds set up for the men's children, in lieu of flowers.

For the Garrett family, contributions can be made to:

    Adam Ryan Garrett Educational Fund
    PO Box 1811
    Sugarland, Tx 77478-1811
For the Downhower family, you can make contributions at any Wells Fargo bank by asking specifically for the Mitchell Downhower College Fund.

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