The plight of the powerless

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There are a lot of words to describe what it's like to live 11 days in a row without power. Mac Wilson has one.

Wilson, 80, is surrounded by tall piles of storm debris. He says the seemingly endless wait for power is making him crazy.

"They said they were supposed to be here yesterday," he told us. "Then they would be here today. You can see there is nothing."

Inside homes in Tierwester Oaks near Texas Southern it's even tougher.

The generator powered fan blows hot air. Sleeping comfortably is not an option. And the wait just goes on for Carolyn Garrison.

So when we told her that Houston Mayor Bill White was criticized for cussing at FEMA workers moving too slow last week, she actually applauded him.

"That's my kind of man," she said.

After seeing no supplies and long lines at a FEMA pod near TSU, White told FEMA workers from Georgia to get the bleeping trucks moving.

The trucks left, but shortly after, the Georgia governor fired off a letter demanding an apology. White isn't backing down.

"Sometimes you got to let people know there has to be a little bit better response than I saw that morning," said Mayor White.

Garrison would echo that and says she wants a better response even now.

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