City gets help after Eyewitness News coverage

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It took several days and a plea on Eyewitness News from the mayor before FEMA supplies finally arrived in Manvel. For several days they had to lean on one another until now.

From volunteers who live in the community to the Civil Air Patrol, all involved tried to make sure those who need help the most received it.

"There is no stopping or turning back," said Manvel Mayor Delores Martin.

But the help and supplies did not come easily. Just two days ago Mayor Martin made a huge plea on Eyewitness News.

"They need help, I'm just trying to get it and I will, one way or the other," she told us.

Up until then the community was supporting itself trying to feed 20,000 at a local church.

"I do owe Channel 13 a huge debt of gratitude," the mayor said.

The mayor said there was a constant line of cars all day Friday. Volunteers lined the sidewalks at Manvel High School passing out water, food and ice. The mayor says some have come as far as Harris County but they aren't turning anyone away.

"II didn't think anyone would help me, it was awful," resident Cindy Robinson said. "My neighbors have been good though."

And the mayor says that's what the past week has been all about.

"We need to all become survivors and make sure we have our ducks in a row and don't depend on public officials to say it's there when it's not there," she said.

The POD at Manvel High School will be open 9 to 5 Saturday and Sunday as long as they have the supplies.

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