Earl Campbell recovering after back surgery

The former Oilers and University of Texas star could walk with little assistance the day after surgery. He considers that a miracle.

Campbell will be begin rehabilitation from the surgery later this month. During the operation in July, doctors at Foundation Surgical Hospital removed parts of his spine.

For five years, Campbell suffered lower back, hip and leg pain every day. He's seen doctors and taken Tylenol pain medicine for years and already has had four previous surgeries.

The 53-year-old talked about his back trouble in an interview with Dave Ward at an Oilers reunion last year. Campbell's friend and former coach refereed him to the orthopedic surgeon.

The Heisman Trophy winner's doctors hope in about six months, he can enjoy a game of golf.

Campbell is one of the most notable running backs to ever play college football. In 1977, he left the University of Texas and was the number 1 draft pick by the Oilers. By the end of his pro career, he amassed 10,213 total yards. He ranks 10th in all-time rushing yards in the NFL.

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