Getting ready in Galveston


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On the island, people are stocking up, fueling up, and some may even pack up.

The Stablefeldt family is here from Dallas and Eduardo's formation in the Gulf caught them by surprise and they aren't sure if they have courage to be here when the storm arrives.

"We talked to a couple people and they say it's not going to be so bad," said vacationer Troy Stablefeldt. "But 70 mile per hour winds sound pretty bad to me."

Galveston officials say everyone here and in surrounding communities areas should prepare for a Category 1 storm.

"If you live in a low, flood prone area, you may think about moving to high ground," said Gene Hafelle with the National Weather Service.

The warning sent residents into a bit of shock because just yesterday, Edouard was only a tropical depression.

"A lot of work got cancelled today with everybody getting prepared," said Galveston resident Ash Ayers.

Ayers and other residents kept the checkout lines at hardware and grocery stores busy.

"I waited until the last minute just like everyone else," said Galveston resident Gloria Lacy.

The procrastination is obvious. Essential supplies like water, flashlights, non perishable food and batteries are leaving stores shelves faster than clerks can replace them.

The Galveston city emergency team has activated and the county emergency team will be activating at some point today.

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