Tests back for accused cop killer

HOUSTON The results of Hung Troung's blood and urine tests were revealed during a court hearing this morning. While both came back negative for drugs and alcohol, more testing will take place.

Prosecutors believe there may be a drug or could have been a drug in his system that doesn't normally show up under standard or traditional drug and blood tests. Prosecutors in the case also revealed that they do have a videotape of the suspect laughing uncontrollably at the scene following the death of Officer Gary Gryder.

It was over the weekend authorities say Troung crashed through a construction zone along the Katy Freeway and hit and killed Officer Gryder as well as injure Officer Joe Pyland. Those on the scene say Troung's behavior was extremely bizarre. While more tests have been ordered on the samples taken at the hospital, he will now undergo a mental evaluation.

<> "My client is very very sorry. I know other things have been reported in the news media about some bizarre behavior and I don't know what the reason for that is. We are going to find out," said Troung's attorney, Skip Cornelious. "But I can tell you right now, he is very very sorry. He's on his knees."

"I would expect that the defense would want him evaluated mentally," said Assistant DA Denise Bradley. "There is no indication from his family or any indications from the defendant at this point that he has received any psychiatric treatment in the past. But, of course, that is going to be part of our investigation."

Authorities said there were no signs that the he tried to stop when he crashed through the construction zone. They will now download information from the Toyota Camry that he was driving to help determine how fast he was going and if he did try to apply his brakes at any point of time.

Troung is a resident of Houston, but is actually from Vietnam. INS is now holding him because his immigration status may be in question.

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