Sweet music on and off the field

FRIENDSWOOD, TX Friendswood Quarterback Jacob Karam is looking for a big senior year. Karam recently committed to play college ball at Texas Tech. Playing quarterback, though, not his only talent.

Like a maestro conducting an orchestra, Karam leads the Mustangs' offense. He has a little Peyton Manning in him.

Off the field, though, Karam's comparisons lean more toward Billy Joel or Elton John.

Karam's a natural on the ivory. He started playing piano in kindergarten, but like most little boys, he didn't like it.

"I hated it," said Karam. "I couldn't stand piano at all. My mom and dad kept pushing me, 'You're going to thanks us one day'."

By the time he was in high school, Jacob's parents were right. Something clicked and he loved it. He joined his church's teenage band and Karam's fingers took off.

"I guess me being around music more, and it was fun being in band and I think that's what turned on my interest for it," he told us. "I like playing classic rock, anything you hear on the radio. I like playing songs people wouldn't ever think you can play on the piano."

If Karam hears it on the radio, he can pound it out. His touch on the football field translates to his feel on the keys. The Friendswood senior practices about an hour or two a day, but he doesn't look at it as work. He enjoys writing and playing music with his family.

Jacob is the oldest of five. His 16 year old brother, Josh, will audition for American Idol in a few weeks.

"What would you tell a little kid about the piano?" we asked.

"It might be real difficult, but keep at it. It's going to be hard, but in the end its going to pay off. So just keep at it."

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