Help needed to identify dead man

HOUSTON The Harris County Medical Examiner's office has released the following information on the unknown man, in the hopes someone can help identify him. The man, who was found in Brays Bayou along the 4500 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard on May 7, is described as an African-American male, 40 to 60 years old. He is 5'6", 160 pounds and has short black hair. The man is missing his left eye.

When the man was found, he was wearing black Reebok swim shorts with vertical white stripes down the sides and white Nike high-top athletic shoes. He had a yellow metal ring with circular and leaf shapes on his left ring finger and a white metal solid circular bracelet on his right wrist.

The man had a tattoo of a star outline on his right shoulder and a tattoo of a heart with wings and the letters E and J inside the heart. He had previous skull fractures that were surgically repaired.

If you have any information about this man, you're asked to call the Harris County Medical Examiner's ID unit or investigators office at the following numbers:

  • ID unit: 713-796-6774
  • Investigations: 713-796-9292

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