Teacher allegedly forces haircut on student

HOUSTON The girl told us that while she was working on a project along with classmates, the teacher chopped off some of her hair.

Emily Garcia's hair is now a lot lighter and shorter, but not by choice.

The 14-year-old says that Wednesday, her math teacher at Grantham Academy, made good on a year-long threat to cut her hair because it was too long in her eyes. It came as a surprise for Emily who was frozen by the cut of the scissors.

"Then out of nowhere she cut it," Emily told Eyewitness News. "I started crying cause I didn't know what else to do."

"My daughter was in tears and the teacher was just laughing," said her mother Sarah Garcia.

The teacher didn't just cut Emily's hair, the family says she stole her identity.

"I've always wanted to grow my hair out," Emily said. "That was the one thing that I had, I was the girl with the long hair."

Emily had never cut her hair and cannot comprehend why the teacher did what she did.

"I thought she was a teacher and wouldn't do something like that," she said.

Her mother does not want the teacher near her daughter ever again. Emily worries this hair losing incident could happen to someone else.

"If another girl has hair like me, she's going to want to cut her hair too," she worried. Aldine ISD tells us it's investigating the incident. Until that's complete, the teacher has been told not to come back to school.

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