Hacker reportedly hit Ft. Bend ISD school

MISSOURI CITY, TX A normal school day at Hightower High School was reprogrammed when administrators realized someone tapped into the school's computer system looking to play teacher.

"A kid was changing grades for other students and got caught," said student Julian Jordan.

Two upper classmen at Hightower say when police cars pulled up, and students were pulled out of class, word eventually spread that a student was possibly rewriting report cards.

Fort Bend ISD released this statement:

"Fort Bend ISD is conducting an investigation to determine if any students have violated the district's acceptable use policy regarding the use of district computers and other resources. Currently some students at Hightower High School are being interviewed. Because the district has engaged the assistance of law enforcement in conducting this investigation, no further comment will be made at this time."

One question that goes unanswered for now is why some grades were possibly raised while others were dropped.

And while report cards are not set to be released until the close of the school year, some students say at least one has more to worry about than bad grades.

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